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Julius Teoh
Artist | Student | Varied
I'm an aspiring freelance all-round artist eager to learn new things about art. Currently pursuing a diploma in graphics design, I love bringing a canvas or space to life however I can. I mostly do a mix of digital and traditional art, though I have a few other dormant skills. In general, I enjoy doing anything that uses my eyes and hands.

Steam (if you wanna add me on steam do send me a note here first to let me know):




The Obligatory:

What is this?

So this is something new. This is something I've decided to start as sort of a way for me to do announcements on what's been going on or what's to come. This is mostly from me noticing that, whenever a new semester starts, I disappear and not have any post and reappear 3 to 4 months later when the sem ends. So as sort of a remedy to that I've decided to do a few things to sort of push me to continue to manage my art posting and such. Since this is the first, it is gonna be quite long winded. So without further a due, here is what is talked about in the first edition of Spectrum's Artsy Monthly.

1. Social Media

Some of you may be aware of my other social medias such as Youtube (is youtube a social media?), Tumblr and for some of you stalkers nice people, my dead Twitter account. As one of the attempts to be a little bit more social. I've decided to implement some face lifting as well as some new things. 

First, I've started a dedicated Facebook page and Instagram. This is mostly to have a more relaxed environment to share things I don't post here as well as some of my thoughts and memes. Let's admit it, at the end of the day, you expect art from a deviantArt profile, not long ass journals and ramblings. I'd wager a good percentage of you probably won't even see this journal. Not to mention that even though I don't post any art here, I still make art every now and then. It's just that I feel I should make my deviantArt a little bit more.... professional? Thus I have started these pages to sort of post some work-in-progress as well as things I feel are nice to share. Although do excuse my half-assed captions in Insta. I literally just dumped my most favoured artworks there XD. These two additions will maintained alongside my existing social media. I'll leave the links to them under this journal and on my main profile. 

Secondly, the "face lift". Many of you probably (or probably not) realise that my tumblr and youtube channels are dead and neglected and my twitter page is just a corpse. I've since updated the profiles and banners. Also I will be posting my most recent artworks to tumblr two a day to sort of inject some life to it. As for youtube and twitter, unfortunately spamming art there isn't gonna be a viable means since I mostly do timelapses on youtube and Twitter isn't really meant for old art i forgot to post XD. So I'll just have to let time heal the wounds.... or rotting i guess XD. Which leads to,

Third, Twitter, Tumblr and FB specifics. Unlike Insta and dA, these 3 social medias are more based on daily happenings and stuff. However, I'm the type of person who isn't used to posting stuff I see or think. So it'll definitely be slow over on these 3 platforms. This is simply because I'm gonna need to get used to posting stuff as I was never a social type online.

Forth, don't be shy. I may not reply to everyone but you are welcome to come talk and comment on my other social accounts. I never really mentioned this before but I honestly prefer to reading comments to watching numbers rise. So do comment your thoughts, even here whether it be constructive criticism on art or just memes and jokes. However, be nice to everyone k? Any demons caught causing mayhem will be.... dealt with :) 

2. Potential Attendance at Animangaki

To all my Malaysian friends, you may be familiar with one of the famed conventions of the country, Animangaki. As the title suggest, my friend, Juliosity and I have plans to be sharing a booth at AMG this year. This is, however, provided I can get merch finished on time XD. Expect prints, badges and stickers (hopefully T.T). Since this is a largely anime convention, I'll be training my efforts on the weeb stuff(hence the influx of anime related drawings lately), but I also intend to have MLP stuff as well. So for those eager to meet with me or commission me something, stay tuned for news.

3. Request and Art Trades

I can already see people scrolling pass all the other stuff and stopping here :3c. Anyway, request will be coming up soon. It's gonna be a competition like before and only open to watchers who have been here since before the posting of the brief. Stay tuned over the next few days for the details. 

Then there is art trades. To those interested in making an art trade, just send me a note on dA or a pm on my other social accounts(teehee self promotion). And I'll see if I'm free to trade.

4. Drawing Other Topics

Heya stranger who didn't just scroll pass this section. So there's no denying that my gallery consist highly of pony material and that's what you guys come for i can tell from the tumbleweed rolling in the non pony stuff However, with the starting of the new social accounts, expect more uploads of other material as well, whether it be weeb or my own ideas. Don't get me wrong, I'm not gonna stop drawing le pones. I still love drawing ponies. As a matter fact, the main reason why I draw so many crossover ponies is because their simple designs allow for different ideas. But, those ideas can't stay bottled up forever in pony silhouettes. So yeah, expect both from me in the future. 

5. Apology and Thanks

You know I remember when there was a point in time where I used to take the time to thank everyone who either gave me a llama badge, faved my artwork or started watching me. I also remember a time where I used to interact more with my watchers. With my constant periods of inactivity as well as the overwhelming numbers at times, that habit just faded away. This may sound sappy or cheesy, but my thanks go out to the peeps that have been following me this whole time as well as the old friends I made here. I may not be able to thank everyone of you personally, but know that you all have my thanks.


1. New social accounts have started and old ones will be more utilised.
2. I may attend AMG in August with a friend at a booth.
3. Request details coming soon, ask me about art trades.
4. Expect more variety of subject matters from me.
5. Sorry for not being able to thank all of you like I used to, but thank you all.

Social Accounts:


This tl:dr will also be pinned on my profile for easy viewing.

Thanks for reading and stay artsy!

  • Listening to: Nandemonaiya


Mahou Shojou Rosa
My warmup session turned into something else. I guess all the mahou shojou anime I've been watching has taken its toll. 

Rosa Design belongs to :iconchirpy-chi:
Yoshino Chibi
My first ever chibi drawing. Gotta say it was weird drawing something that's not a dark and edgy. Yet i still couldn't help myself with shading it Shrug Gonna be turning this into a badge for AMG.


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